Soft days

I've just finished the busiest week of my life and I feel great!! After working extra-double-hours most of last week, I basically had the weekend off, and was able to spend almost all of it at the Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures. On Saturday, I had the kids I watch with me, but that didn't hurt, as all I had to do was not lose them. I don't know how many people were there, but it felt like a good half-million or so! What to say? It was absolutely wonderful. Who cares about Oxygen and big-name rock stars when you can go and hear music and see things from literally all over the world?

Amazing. I guess the only complaint I can make is that it overlaps with the Carlsberg Comedy Festival, making it difficult to attend both.

Back at home, my flatmate and I are both a bit short of money, so we've set each other a challenge, which involves cooking something with an ingredient neither of us has ever seen before every night. This is easier than you might think, as we live in the middle of a very international grocery-shopping neighbourhood. I should say, it's easier to find unknown ingredients than you think. What's difficult is figuring out what to do with 'em. Today, it's my turn, and I have already bought the mystery ingredient: it's a long thing that looks a bit like a zucchini but with a pointy end. I bought it in a store promising "everything you need for cooking anything from Asia.". I asked the guy behind the counter what to do with the mysterious vegetable, but he just looked blank and said that when his wife isn't there, all he knows how to make is chips and fried eggs. So thanks, Asian guy. I'm thinking I'll just chop it and push it around a frying pan until it goes soft. I may be working in a restaurant now, but I'll still far from a gourmet chef.

Speaking of food, I note with interest that two new ice cream shops have opened up in Dublin's city centre. I say two, but they are both the same company, Murphy's. As there are so many Italian gelaterie around, I like the idea of an Irish ice cream parlour. (Not that there's anything wrong with Italian gelato, of course). If dinner doesn't work out tonight, and I'd say that that's reasonably likely, I'll treat us both to an ice cream to make it up.

Also, good news: I'm picking up some waitressing work at the Dublin Horse Show in August. And this means I'll have enough money for a little holiday, maybe in September. Right now, I'm not sure whether to stay in Ireland or hop on a Ryanair flight to someplace else. I love the way Ireland is so close to the rest of Europe. Amsterdam, maybe? Or perhaps I'll check out Donegal. I've never been there, and I hear it's really beautiful. I've never been to a horseshow. I wonder if it involves gambling? Hm, and I wonder if I could maybe multiply my tips that way?!?


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