Any excuse!

Last year was a big-deal anniversary for the founder of the Guinness, Arthur Guinness, and so of course there was a huge, enormous party. It was supposed to be a once-off thing, or so I gathered last year, but apparently it was so successful they're doing it again this year, and presumbably the one after that, and so on. That's how traditions are born, I guess.

Anyway, this year it's a rather big deal with LOADS of things going on. Seriously, it's going to be big fun, and I think there may even be some free Guinness here and there. It's on the 23rd, followed by Culture Night on the 24th, when museums and other venues will be open until late all over town, with lots of free music, etc. I'll be working on the 23rd, but the 24th is great for me because it goes on until late, and I should be able to make at least the last couple of hours. All in all, come Saturday I think Dublin is going to be chock-full of a lot of very tired people!

Speaking of tired, my flatmate, Bepe, has a new girlfriend. Or at least, I think he does. He's been staying out late and stuff, and being surprisingly unavailable. My question is why doesn't he tell me? I'm not his Mom!!! Oh well, what do I care? He can do whatever he wants. Anyway, I'll be busy pretty soon. My galpal Vicki will be here soon, and I'm taking a week off to show her around. She says she's got money to spend and it's burning a hole in her pocket, so yours truly will be here to help. :-)

I'm hoping for nice weather, thinking that it would be fun for her to see the city from a Dublin Bike. Anyway, if anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them!


When my husband and I were in Dublin in March someone on who is living in Dublin recommended the music/dancing dinner show at the Arlington Hotel. It's definitely touristy but we enjoyed it so much!


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