Well, I think I've figured out what I want to do on Culture Night. This looks like the coolest thing. It's on at 7.30ish, which is early, so it's touch and go as to whether or not I'll make it, but hopefully!

Basically, there's going to be a workshop on how to make your own camera. It looks like a really interesting experence. I'm just used to pointing my mobile phone at things and making snapshots.

Seriously, though, Culture Night is just fantastic. I want to go to everything, basically. Fall is just the best season here; there's so much to do, and you can forget about summer clothes, put on a wooly jumper and just get with the we're-in-Northern-Europe vibe. I'm psyched about my week off in two weeks' time and can't wait to do a bunch of cool things with my oldest friend! I've been accumulating vouchers from City Deal so's to be able to hit the town without spending too much money.

On the home front, suspicions that my flatmate might have a new girlfriend have been confirmed. I met her last night. Honestly, she looks just as dumb as the last one. I hated her. Bepe's a great guy but his taste in women... well, words fail me!


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