The Fair City

Way too often, free events (of which there seems to be an endless supply) pass me by. Now that I'm working, there just isn't time to get to everything. I thought life was busy when I was a student, but I didn't have a clue!

Anyway, yesterday I did get to check out the Living Streets festival. It was fun. They'd done the street up with palm trees and things! Plus, there was an exhibition of cargo bicycles. I think I might even get one. In the summer in Dublin there's a surprising number of rickshaws about, mostly being driven by male students. (Tip to female visitors: maybe a good way to meet a nice Irish man?]

I like this part of Dublin; it's all a bit higgledypiggeldy and interesting. It was a good choice for the event!

Free massage!!

Anyways, it was a great idea, and I hope they keep on having this particular event.

In other news, a friend of mine tells me that there's a new piano bar sort of place at the Tivoli Theatre on Francis street. I've been to gigs at the Tivoli before; it's a great venue. My friend said that the new place " is worth going to just to have a look inside" (his exact words) and that they specialise in swing, jazz and blues, and that sort of stuff. Well, I am so ready to go and check it out!!!


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