I did it!

So I was studying at the National Library again and just generally soaking in all the Culture when it occured to me that it was time I stopped dallying and just invited "George" the Beautiful Librarian out. There he was, in his unfathomably sexy corduroys, doing something mysterious with some manuscripts on a trolley.

I sat and thought about how best to do it. Directly? But you're not supposed to make a lot of noise in a library!

No, instead, I discreetly wrote a note and left it on the end of his trolley when he pottered off to get some coffee or to answer a call of nature or something. I put my mobile number and a few carefully chosen words so that he would know it was from me and then I sneaked away with my books under my arm.

The reading is going pretty well, BTW so I think I will be ahead of the class when the teaching actually starts in the Autumn.

Anyway, now I am anxiously awaiting a call! I do hope he says yes. Not just have I been swooning over him for months, but it would kind of get me out of the awkward corner I'm in with Bepe following the other evening's mishaps.

Today I was looking at the programme for the Electric Picnic. Do I want to go? Absolutely. Can I afford it? No way. I've been slapping money around for months and I'm running out. Lest we misunderstand each other, I'd like to stress that it's MY money that I worked for. A full freakin year in Tim Hortons living at home with my folks to save it all. I have a scholarship for the postgrad studies, but that won't kick in for another month or two. But 240 Euros is a lot of money. Dublin Tourism people, you did say you could throw me the odd free ticket. Does that stretch to Electric Picnic? Please, oh please, say that it does. I'll do whatever you want. I'll even stop being Rigorously Honest, if that's what you want. I so absolutely want to go, really I do.

OK, enough. I'll get back to staring at my phone and waiting for George to call.


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