Festivals on top of festivals.

This weekend there's an International Puppetry Festival on, which sounds intriguing. Plus, it's on in one of my favourite parts of Dublin, Monkstown, a fancy Victorian neighbourhood on the sea. Obviously, I have no kids to take about but there are several shows just for adults, which is even more intriguing. I've never been to or even heard of a puppet show for grown-ups before. What do you think? Should I go? It's that or eating this weekend, and I could probably stand to lose a kilo or two.

SPEAKING of puppets, guess who's back?

Bepe's girlfriend, that's who. They had split up and she'd gone back to Italy but now she's here again and they seem to be back together.

This is so bad. I hate her and her tiny butt. And he is such a nice guy, he deserves someone better. Sure, she's pretty, but really...

Apparently, she's doing some kind of a course. And there was me thinking she didn't have enough brains to worry about more onerous things than handwashing her tiny underwear and hanging it on MY shower rail. And poor Bepe, the fool that he is, is her puppet on a string. Tsk, men.

It's none of my business, right? But he IS my housemate and I do feel that I should say something to him before he gets too involved. But how? And when?

And more to the point, is she going to be round my place ALL THE TIME now, or what?

So I'm a bit depressed and considering how hard I've been working today, I think I deserve something tasty and greasy to eat. I'm gonna head downstairs to the Epicurean Food Hall to see what's cooking.


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