Falling colours

Today has been one of those crazy days in Ireland. This morning, it was so dark, it looked as though there was going to be a storm. Very dramatic. I was walking along College Green on my way to college when a big wet leaf hit me in the face. Then, around lunch time, the sky did something fantastic and was dark and sunny at the same time so the buildings were lit up but the sky behind they was dark grey. At the time of writing, it's quite a nice Fall afternoon, sunny and windy together. I'm planning to study late in college tonight, because I took some time out this afternoon to go for a walk in Merrion Square. I like it there, because there's trees and bushes all the way around the edge so although you're in the middle of the city, you can kinda pretend you're in a forest. Today it was all very damp and mysterious and some snails had crawled on top of the statue of Oscar Wilde and I really wished I'd brought a camera.

Trivia of the day; When I got back to college and told someone where I'd been I was told that the Oscar Wilde Statue is known by Dubliners as "The Quare on the Square." But affectionately, of course. Well, you live and learn. And it is a cool statue. I didn't even know stone came in those crazy colours.

Perhaps it's a bit nerdish of me, but I still haven't gotten bored of the excitement of knowing that I can go eat my sandwich in the same park or drink my Guinness in the same pub as some of the best writers in the English language.

So...I'm off home and I'm planning not to turn the computer on again today. Emboldened by the (relative) success of my Chinese stir-fry, I'm gonna give Colcannon (sp?) a trial run prior to cooking it up for our Hallow'een party.


Great blog! Especially all the bits about Trinity! We added you to our blogroll!


Hey, thank you! I'll add you to mine. Just finding out about this blogroll business. I like your site and your moniker. What does "inky wrists" mean?


sorry about the disgusting length of time it took me to reply! You know when you go out and you get your wrist stamped with a club stamp? That's where the inkywrists name came from - we started out covering dublin clubs before we expanded to general culture stuff! Im glad you liked our blog!!x


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