Schedule issues

So, there are two pretty cool looking festivals on right now. The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival and the Horrorthon Film Festival.

While they both look great, I can't afford to go to that much right now, so I'm opting for horror as, with my interest in Gothic literature, there's clearly a connection. Right? Well, that's my excuse anyhow.

Tho I've gotta say that for a Gothic kinda gal, I'm easily scared and will most likely be watching most of tonight's performance from behind my fingers. And then someone will have to walk me home, because I'll be convinced that in every shadow there's a monster!

Tonight I'm going to see Trick or Treat, which is a cultural outing, because it's a very intelligent sort of a film. Ahem. So in the spirit of all things artistic, I'll be in the Mezz for a hot whiskey or two to get me in the mood before the screening.

Speaking of terror, while I'm actually quite a fan of traditional music (being a Newfoundlander, I grew up with a lot of Celtic sounds), I've always found accordions slightly creepy. Look at this picture. Doesn't it look a bit like an EVIL MUTANT PIANO that might come to life and play sinister music as you sleep?

Or have I just read a bit too much Edgar Allan Poe?


Accordions are fine! Xylophones are the ones you've got to watch out for. That horrible carnival-type music. Shudder.


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