Bepe and I have decided to have a Hallow'een Party! We'll see how many people we can squeeze into our teeny apartment. Sadly, this also means that his girlfriend will be there in a sexy little number but hopefully there'll be so many people there that I won't have to talk to her too much. I've even persuaded him to make a Barm Brack. I went to one of my favourite cafes, because I know they do cooking courses there and I thought maybe I could do one to learn how to make it. Well, they ARE doing a special Hallow'een course and it looks great, but no barm brack. However, the nice lady said to come back the next day and she would give me a photocopy of the one her mom makes.And she did! So, ahem, BEPE will be making it. So we're all gonna get dressed up and have all the games and I might make some mulled wine because I think my culinary skills are probably up to it.

Can't wait!

Fall is here with a vengeance now, and Trinity College is full of fallen leaves. I guess it's a melancholy time of year but I kinda like it. I met my buddy (sniff; he should be so much more) with his kid again and we had a happy half hour kicking the leaves about. Plus, in the summer the days are long, long, long and this summer I kept feeling a bit guilty about going to bars when it was still daylight outside. Now that the evenings are darker -- well, there's no such guilt and I have also disovered the quiet joy of a hot whiskey in one of those pubs where the old boyos go. Hot whiskey is a Dublin classic and a real treat on a chilly evening. Plus, it takes a while to drink so if you're on a budget you can nurse one of those babies for a good hour or so.

OKAY... I'm off home. Despite his reservations, Bepe has agreed that I'll cook dinner for us both this evening. He had a sportsy weekend with his remote-control plane (Saturday in Phoenix Park) and playing ball with some of his buddies from restaurant. And now, despite being all fit-n-healthy he's got a cold. So I'm cooking. But I don't know what yet. Gotta pick something up on the way home -- might make a detour into one of the Chinese supermarkets around Henry Street. I'm sure that even I can manage to knock together a decent stir fry...or can I?


Oh, Café fresh is nice. But the best café in Dublin just have to be Queen of Tarts just opposite Dublin castle. Their pies are to die for...


Oh yes, I've been there! I also really love the Epicurean Food Hall, which is right near where I live. I love the contrast between the food (amazing) and the decor (um, basic). It's so cool the way you can have food from all over the world in there for about 5 Euros.


If you get a chance, make sure you visit Malahide over the Halloween break. Drop into the 'Halloween Event' in The Museum of Childhood and Tara's Palace, located in the courtyard of Malahide Castle. There will be a Halloween Display, Halloween Quiz and on 31st - Face and nail painting to get the kids ready for trick or treating. All admission fees go to children's charities.

Rgds Nicola,
Curator of Museum of Childhood and Tara's Palace


Thanks, Nicola. I have a friend with a kid so I will let him know!


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