scared of shadows

Well, I had a great time at the IFI last night but as I predicated, I was pretty much terrified the whole way through and couldn't sleep last night so today I'm tired and although it's not like me, thinking of spending Friday evening in. We are all into health 'n' fitness round our way at the moemnt, as Bepe's going to be in the Marathom next week and has embarked on a diet that seems to consist mostly of egg whites. He's looking very lean and trim, I must say. If he wasn't my flatmate, and if he didn't have a, not going there ;-)

The good news is that while I thought I couldn't afford to go to any of the gigs in the electronic arts festival there are actually a couple that are pretty cheap so after all I'm going to go. For the sake of two drinks less over the weekend, I think I can manage 5 or 8 Euros. There's an interesting looking one in Filmbase.

Know what? I'm totally dying for a kebab. It must be all the healthy stuff I see Bepe stuffing into himself. Wanna come? More soon...


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