And on it goes...

Well, I still have a cold.

I've discovered this stuff called Lemsip when I'm using during the daytime. Hot whiskey seems to work better but if I'm even going to pretend to work, I'd better stay off the juice during the day, eh? I'd like to wallow about feeling sorry for myself but really, I just want to get better for the weekend. Last night, Bepe and Fabia did offer to let me share their meal but when it was in front of me I couldn't eat. She said, "Well, maybe you'll lose some weight" and I guess that was meant nicely but I didn't really appreciate it coming from Stick Lady. I'm not fat!!

I've been whiling away the hours making elaborate plans for every weekend between now and Xmas and thinking of things to do when my folks come over.


One good thing: My friend the Beautiful PhD Student rang last night saying that he was concerned 'cause he hadn't seen me about for a while. He's coming over later. Just as well I've decided not to be into him anymore, because my nose is all red, my eyes are puff and I'm wearing sweat pants and a dirty tee-shirt. I'm not looking my best. It's a real test of friendship. I'm hoping he'll want to do something with me this weekend, and that my slobbiness today won't put him off!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to go the cinema, snot or no snot. A French Film Festival is starting, and the IFI is so close I could pretty much haul something on over my pyjamas and head out.

Achoo again. See you soon.


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