I changed my mind help!!!!

On second thoughts, it's NOT ok for me to look like a slob when the Beautiful PhD Student calls over. Crap... panic... does anyone have any tips on how to suddenly recover from a head cold? I don't want to be all cold-y and puff in the face when he comes around.


Hey lady! It's a toughie, but there's not much that some good makeup won't help solve!

First, use a moisturizer because your complexion can be slightly dehydrated when you're sick.

Then go for a light foundation - nothing too heavy cos you're just going to look cakey! Which is NOT a good look!

Lipstick is a must! You'll look healthier (and sexier!) Go for a vibrant red.

Eye shadow will do wonders for those sleepy peepers, and if your eyes are watery, skip the liner!

Make-up - don't leave home without it!



Thanks, Maureen. I'm not a big make-up wearer but I'm sure I have at least some of those things in a drawer. Appreciate the liner advice 'cause I would have definitely put that on.


Definitely wear something casual but cute (jeans/cute sweater/shirt) too!


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