Hard as nails

I had a nice weekend. Saturday morning, I actually went into college and worked. Then, I got the DART out to Saoirse's neck of the woods and allowed myself to be taken care of my Saoirse's Mom. Ah... maybe not the most cutting edge of entertainments but pretty good all the same. Home made soup in front of the TV! Sleeping in their huge guest room instead of the little bedroom in my apartment! Getting taken out for breakfast in a fancy hotel in Dun Laoighire!

Seriously, she couldn't have been nicer. Saoirse and I just talked and talked until 2in the morning. Apparently, the boyfriend wants it all to get a notch more serious, but she's not so sure and...well, I couldn't give her advice, but I listened and I think that was the main point.

I will confess that I was hoping that the weekend would somehow involve visiting or being visited by Saoirse's cousin who, as I mentioned before, is a real-life, bona fide rock star! Sadly, no... but instead I had an entirely new experience. On Sunday, I was beginning to worry maybe I'd been there too long and so I was going to head home, but S's mom more or less MADE us go shopping with her. In my case, I bought almost nothing, but this is a lady who takes her shopping seriously. We went to Dundrum, which is in I guess a fairly upmarket suburb. There's a huge, fancy mall. I think I'm more of a downtown kind of shopper, but this was right up S's moms street and she was having lots of fun. She parked Saoirse and me in a hairdresser that did manicures and paid for us to get our nails done. I think that the purpose of this was so that S couldn't see her getting in the presents. Well, that was something I had never done before. They even stuck little contact sheets onto my nails to make them look "French". Ha! I've been avoiding using my fingers ever since. In fact, the only reason I'm risking typing now is that I think one of the nails is begnning to peel.

A couple of hours and a few dozen packages in the trunk of the car later, and we were off. And now it's Monday again, sheesh. But I do feel very rested and taken care of!


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