Weekend feelings

It's been a funny week, 'cause of being off with a cold and all, so it doesn't really feel like a weekend at all. I woke up feeling fantastic this morning and did a big shop on Moore Street and environs. Though I say so myself, turns out making soup is easy after all, and I'm getting quite good at it. While having soup for dinner every second night is getting a bit boring, it's a lot cheaper than eating pizza fro the corner shop and the result is more money for going out, so it's all good.

Even Bepe has had some of my soup and thinks it's OK. Which is a real coup as he's a chef. So he should know, right?

Anyway, I'm pretty psyched today. I'm about to go skating with a bunch of people I know from college and I'm actually looking forward to it a lot. Afterwards, we'll grab something to eat somewhere and then go to Sin E (that's pronounced "Shinn Ay" and it's Irish for something.) I haven't been there before, but I've heard it's great.

Tomorrow I'm hooking up with Beautiful PhD Student and daughter at some point. But I'm thinking maybe I should just stop seeing him at all as it's not fun, hanging out and knowing that nothing's ever going to happen. Also, as I've just been going to college since leaving school I guess it's something of a shock to know someone just a bit older than me who's already a parent. I've just been wandering around feeling all young but, fact is, I'm an adult and all this postgrad stuff is just a buffer between me and the real world -- a real world I'll be in as soon as the Masters is finished. It's not bad, but it's a little intimidating.


Sin é -- that's it.

Will we see you down in the Shebeen Chic on the 30th (Monday week)?

If you're at a loose end Monday week
Hit the spot with the ukes that's unique!
I'll be strolling along
With another Seuss song
For your pleasure -- don't miss Shebeen Chic.


Ah, thank you! I should really try to learn a little Irish while I'm here. You know, Newfoundland English still has a few Irish words in it. Of course, for us, they are just Newfoundland words.

I might pop down to Shebeen Chic but to tell you the truth I am a little shy as I never expected your friend to see my description of him as a "cute young guy" [blush]!


Hi again Recumbentman. I've added your blog to my blogroll! Great stuff.


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