Oh what a beautiful morning...!

Well, it Friday and it's beautiful. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the Liffey and all the red-brick buildings on either side of it are lit up. Gorgeous. I've worked really hard all week and I hope the weather stays like this 'cause I'd love to go to maybe Bray or Howth and have a windy walk on the beach.

My friend Saoirse and her Mom have invited me over Saturday evening so I'll stay at their house and we'll watch movies and the day after she's taking us out for lunch in Dundrum at a big mall they've got out there. So that all sounds very Mom-ish. Tell you the truth, I don't mind leaving the apartment for the weekend. No problems getting along with Bepe but sometimes it's good to have our own space.

Early this morning on the way into college the nicest thing happened. I was making a detour to buy an apple at my favourite greengrocer when he comes over looking all concerned and asked me if I wanted to have Christmas Dinner with his family. I explained that my folks were coming over and I think he looked slightly relieved, but still. He said: "I've a daughter of my own in a foreign country and thank God she will be back with us for the Christmas but if she wasn't I would hate to think of her being on her own."

Isn't that just the nicest thing? I am going to get my Mom to bring some bottled Moose over so I've something to give him for Xmas.


Awww, what a lovely thing to be asked! Hope you get your lovely weather for the weekend.


Hi Sam -- I know, wasn't it sweet? Things like that just make the day better.


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