Well, after my fit of the blues last week, I had an amazing weekend. First off, on Friday, Saoirse called and invited me to meet her, her boyfriend and a couple of his friends for a meal. We went to a Korean joint on Parnell Street.

Well now, I had never had Korean food before. Perhaps stupidly, I had assumed it was kind of like a variation on Chinese. But it's completely different. It was a sort of barbecue with a hotplate right in the middle of our table. Also, I've had rethink on Saoirse's boyfriend. I thought he was boring but actually, he's really nice. So I am happy to eat humble pie.

Then, I have to say, the highlight of the weekend and something I hadn't planned at all; the 2009 Dublin Tattoo Convention! Wow! It was 15 Euros to get in, but it was totally worth it. There were people in there with the most incredible tattoos. I have just a teeny tiny one on my wrist from a few weeks ago, but seeing some of that amazing artwork made me think well....maybe just another, teeny-eeny-tiny one. My worry would me that it would get addictive and I wouldn't know when to stop ... and I don't want to end up covered in 'em from head to toe.

I did, ahem, give my number to a really cute Irish guy who has a tattoo parlour in Wicklow somewhere but something tells me that he's not the sort of boy my Mom'd approve of so I'm half hoping he doesn't call. Or am I. I don't know.

Well. That's all for now. I've been working superhard all day so I'm gonna pick up some veg on Moore St and try out some more soup.

Bon appetit!


Korean food is fantastic, and much overlooked!

Don't know about the tatoos though! They really make me squeemish! Eeek!


Yeah, Korean food is like a whole other cuisine. Totally different to anything I ever had before. I'm amazed how many restaurants there are around here. It's almost like "Little Korea" up there on Parnell St, and I can actually afford to go eat out in some of those restaurants.


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