Christmas countdown

I've never been such a huge fan of Christmas. Well, of course I loved it as a kid, but in the last few years I've been kind of negatively impressed by the whole commercial side of things. You know.

But this year I feel totally different. Like anyone, there are times when I find myself getting irritated and irritable around my family. I mean, I love them, but families are like that. And I guess I can be irritating too!!! But this year, because I haven't seen my Mom and Dad for so long, and because this will be the very first time that any of us has spent Xmas away from Newfoundland, I'm getting kinda excited. It's going to be a whole different experience! And this year, I'm doing the cooking! Which makes me think, heck, maybe I'll see if I can't book a restaurant for Christmas dinner, 'cause I don't want anyone to be disappointed. I'm getting good at soup, but hm...Turkey and Cranberry Soup, anyone? Ha, ha!!

I was talking about it with the greengrocer down the road, who I've come to realise is the Fount of All Wisdom. He said, "There's something wrong with this world when the Christmas decorations go up as soon as the Hallow'een ones come down."

But I'm not so sure that he's right this time. Winter is long and dark and while it has its rewards (hot port and brandy, anyone?) why not make the most of the biggest holiday? I'm totally already making plans for Mom and Dad and hoping that I also get some time to go out with friends. Saoirse's boyfriend will be out of town, so she'll be free for girls' nights out and stuff.

I have about 50 cents to do my Christmas shopping, so if anyone has smart ideas about where I could go, I sure would appreciate it. I actually do have to be organised if i want stuff to reach Newfoundland on time. I want to send some really nice things to my sister and her family, to a few friends and to my housemate Bepe's family, 'cause I really got fond of them when they were here. Suggestions anyone?


Georges Street Arcade have some cool stalls, and you could check out some 2nd hand shops.

Have heard from a friend that there's a great shop called Ruby Ruby off Grafton Street somewhere. They're a consignment store - I think they're the only one in Dublin. If you can find it , they might have some cool stuff for presents. Hope that helps!


Thanks! I love George's Street Arcade and I'm a huge fan of Retro, though I can't afford the clothes there. There's a couple of stalls in front that have cool stuff. I'll check out Ruby Ruby. Is it clothes or other stuff?


Oh, you replied! Wow! Well, I think it's mostly non-clothes items. Not sure really. I am going on hear-say. You'll have to investigate!


Download the FREE Shopping guide on for insider tips on some of the quirky markets dotted around Dublin and the bigger more popular department stores
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Cheers Ciaran! Are you one of the marketing people at Dublin Tourism? Tx for featuring my blog again and to Gemma for the free stuff.


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