The eternal optimism of the Irish

Despite what they seem to think themselves, I would say that the Irish are a very optimistic people.

It's almost like a joke:

Q: How do we know the Irish are optimists?
A: Just look at all the umbrellas on a windy day.

Today is a case in point. It's Ireland and it's November, so of course it's windy. It's not cold and I personally find it pretty pleasant. Every day like this, I must pass about 20 bins into which passersby have stuffed their poor umbrellas, which are all inside-out and mangled because of the wind.

Guys, this is a northern European country near the Atlantic. Is it maybe time to give up on umbrellas and get, like, a hat?

So I think it says a lot about how optimistic people really are here. Despite experience, they keep right on buying umbrellas.

Last night I went to see A Christmas Carol at Cineworld on the grounds that it's the most Gothic of Dickens' novels and therefore it was almost work. It's a Disney production so I wasn't prepared for how freakin' SCARY it was. There were kids to the left of me, kids to the right of me, but I was the one with her face in her hands, worrying about getting to sleep after the show...

On the way home, I called to Lidl. Gotta love that place. I bought a huge bag of onions for about 20 cents which, tonight, I'm going to attempt to turn into French Onion Soup. How difficult can it be?


They are at last making sturdy umbrellas, with nylon rods instead of flimsy bent-metal ribs. I got one in Roches Stores.

Hats blow away, unless they're beanies. For cycling I have two hats: a winter black sheepskin one with flaps for my ears, and a summer green floppy one with a rope to go under my chin. In summer a brim, however small, is essential, but it will make the hat lift off at speed unless you fold up the front and back of the brim as a spoiler.


Hello again, Recumbentman. I had no idea hat-wearing could be such a complicated science! ;-)

Where I come from, a hat is absolutely essential in the winter. It can get down to minus 50 with the windchill. So we wear pretty serious hats! I love the Irish tweed caps but I guess they are maybe more a countryside thing.


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