I don't know how I missed this one, but (fairly) hot on the heels of the Gay Theatre Festival, there's another "gay" festival, this time of film. I guess one day there'll be no need for there to be separate "gay" events -- although my experience of the ones in Dublin has been that they've been such fun it'd be a real shame to see them wrapped up.

Anyway, this festival is on in the lighthouse, which is just near where I live, and is my favourite cinema in Dublin, being a little slice of Manhattan in a very Irish, slightly scruffy, end of town. I'm hoping that it will be possible for me to go. Always work permitting of course!

I'm down from two to three jobs now. The restaurant is giving me more hours, so I've had to quit the few hours I was doing in Dublin Tourism. I don't really mind. I enjoyed meeting and greeting but it's good to have a vote of confidence from the restaurant. I may even have to quit the babysitting job if they want me to come in on Saturdays in the daytime.

I never thought I'd be so pleased with myself for chopping vegetables. I actually really enjoy lining 'em up and getting out the big knives. Seriously; it's fun. And it's good, at the end of a shift, to be actually physically tired. So different to when you're studying and you just get mentally exhausted. I'm not saying I want to do this for the rest of my life but... well, I'm thinking of doing a part-time cooking course in Liberties College. I haven't looked into the details, but someone told me they do a cooking course there and I'm thinking, why the heck not?

Another funny thing: since I started working in the restaurant, I've actually lost weight! You'd think with all that food around, that'd be the last thing that would happen but seriously... we run around like headless chickens in there, and I'm probably getting more exercise than I have for months!!

I may be having some visitors soon, so hoping for a little time off and open for suggestions for things to do, in Ireland or out of it!


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