Pass the Kleenex...

Urkle, snorfle.

I have a cold. I don't want to be too self-pitying as I know there are people out there with the swine flu, but ugh. And it was such a nice morning, too. I woke up, saw the bright winter sun streaming in the window...and then I just rolled over and groaned.

Bepe said, "It's from sitting by a drafty window." I told him that if I was going get a cold from a bit of wind, it would have happened back home in Newfoundland.

Anyway, I'm OK but I didn't make it into college today. I just stayed home, working my way through a box of Kleenex and reading my way through a pile of Penguin Classics that are (I'm trying to convince myself) somewhat connected to the things I'm actually supposed to be reading in college. I haven't felt like eating all day but now I'm hoping that Bepe and Fabia (maybe she'll catch my cold?) will let me share their dinner when they get back later.

A note relating to my reading today: Why is Heathcliff supposed to be this great, romantic hero? He's clearly a sociopath.

Also, got an email today telling me that next year's Book of the Year (A Dublin thing) is the Picture of Dorian Gray. That is quite cool as I wrote an essay about it once and actually really like that book. It gave me nightmares, and for a Goth-lite girl, that's a recommendation. I wonder if there will be lots of "Dorian Gray" activities? If they are having a "Dorian Gray impersonator" contest, I'd love to be a judge. I love goodlooking guys in velvet waistcoats. Heck, who doesn't.

Aha. I hear a key in the door. That's my cue to look feeble so that Bepe will let me share whatever he's cooking his girlfriend for supper.

Sniff. Sneeze. Whinge.


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