three colours blue -- and French movies

I spent all day in the apartment today, still getting over my cold. But the fact is, I'm feeling a lot better although I'm sort of confused.

My friend came over last night with a bottle of Jameson, and he made me a hot whiskey or two (OK; it was four) because I had a cold. He'd brought a DVD as well: Garage, which is an Irish film.

(The Jameson place is near my apartment and here's a picture of it)

It was a sad little story, but the right sort of thing to watch when you have a cold and you're feeling a little glum anyway. Bepe was at work. He works a lot of evenings, obviously, being a chef. So there we were, sitting and watching and sipping and it just felt so nice and comfortable that I ended up with my head on his shoulder and legs across his lap. You know. Like friends do.

I've been kidding myself when I say that I'm OK about just being friends with this guy. I totally get that he's a separated Dad and his priority is his daughter, etc., etc. But. Ah. I really like him.

Of course, eventually the film ended and he had to leave. He kissed me. On the CHEEK, like I was his MOM or something!!!! That was worse than not being kissed.

So because I'm all better, I'm actually going to see this in the French Film Festival. And, this weekend is sorted 'cause Dublin Tourism says they're gonna give me some tickets to something in the Opera Ireland festival. Dublin Tourism I don't know what yet and I'm not sure who to invite. Half thinking I should stop seeing the Beautiful PhD Student Guy in general, because it's making me sad!!!

OK, going to stop moping and focus on how lucky I am. Most of the people I know would kill for free tickets to stuff. And even if I am not exactly an Opera Buff, it's free, right?? Just kidding, Dublin Tourism. I'm sure it'll be fantastic.


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