feels like Friday...but it's not

I woke up early this morning and thought it was Friday for the longest time. Then I realised...it's still Thursday! That means all of today and all of tomorrow in the library before I can take some time off. Boy, am I ready for the holidays.

Anyway, as I have to work I've decided to go to one of my old haunts, the National Library. As it's actually quite easy to go and use it, I'm surprised more people don't. Not that the Trinity library isn't great, but I do get a kick out of reading in the NATIONAL library, right beside the government and ride across from the museum. Makes me feel like a real scholar and not just another Masters student putting off cold reality by doing a post-grad course. I just hope that the guy I so embarrassingly left a note for months ago has forgotten all about me...

But before that, I've decided that I deserve a treat and am going to Bewleys for an Irish Breakfast. With a book. On my own. Fabulous. After carrying out some, ahem, research, I've decided that they do the best one in town. Of course, eating breakfast out means no lunch today but hey...once in a while it's worth it.

Just about a week to go before parents get here! So psyched. Bepe is leaving on Tuesday so I'll have a little time to clean up the apartment and I should really get him a gift because he's letting me use his room for my folks (hopefully they'll be able to wade throught the sports stuff and airplane model controls to reach the bed). He's such a guy's guy though, I haven't a clue. I know he'd love tickets to something but I can't afford it so I'm thinking maybe a rugby shirt? Or something? A friend of mine won free entry to a rubgy event, a questions and answers thingy, in Donnybrook next week so if she doesn't want it, maybe he could use it? Sheesh, though, what the heck do I know? I do have a jar of bottled moose left over from Mom's last care package. Maybe he'd like to bring that back to Italy?

This weekend I want to dedicate myself to getting in to the Christmas spirit, hopefully without spending any/much money so if anyone knows of anything free or cheap, drop me a line please.


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